Intraco Limited ("Intraco") was founded in 1968 by the Singapore Government and was the country's primary trading arm to explore overseas markets and identify new sources of raw materials. It played a vital role in the growth of Singapore as a young nation, which had had to rely on an export-oriented industrialisation strategy then.

Intraco has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1972, and for three decades from 1974 to 2003 was incorporated as part of the investment portfolio of Temasek Holdings, the state investment arm. Today, Intraco has evolved into a reputable investment holding company, with an experienced board and substantial major shareholders.

The Company invests in five lines of businesses with presence in the key emerging markets of Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and China; in addition to its home base in Singapore.

Intraco, through its subsidiaries, associate and joint venture, is mainly engaged in: the trading of plastic resins; provision of passive fire protection services; provision of mobile radio infrastructure management services; and the provision of crane rental services.

The Company actively partners its portfolio companies by providing both financial and operational expertise and helping these companies chart their strategic direction and growth initiatives.

Intraco's strong regional network and culture of integrity, professionalism and performance, has helped ensure an enduring legacy over the years.

With strengthening financials, improving liquidity and low gearing, the Company strives to continually create shareholder value by expanding the businesses in its portfolio and driving long-term growth and sustainability through new investments.