Our Strategy is:

  1. To grow our existing businesses with a view of achieving stable-sustainable profits
  2. To identify new growth platforms to accelerate the improvement in margins and profitability

We believe we can create value for our shareholders through the following:-

  1. Working actively with our portfolio companies by being their valuable resource and partner, specifically by providing them with both financial and operational expertise and helping them with strategic direction and growth initiatives
  2. Bringing deep experience including that of our board of directors and management, and tapping into our extensive network established over the past 50 years
  3. Continuously strengthening our domain knowledge in both existing and new areas, by building on existing, and acquiring new talent and leadership
  4. Adopting a long investment horizon without pressure to exit - this enables us to invest the necessary time and effort to implement the appropriate initiatives to drive long term value
  5. Leveraging on our status as an established Singapore publicly-listed holding company with long history, strong corporate governance and ready-access to capital markets
Key Success
Strong Private/Public Network of Stakeholders
Substantial Board of Directors
Highly Experienced Management Team
Solid Financial Strength
Integrity and Credibility