Wireless Communications
Specialises in "Design and Build" of radio infrastructure for mobile communication services.
Provides solution architect, deployment and managed services.
Currently owns and operates the radio coverage infrastructure in Singapore's North East MRT line.
Intrawave Smart Integrated Platform
Intrawave Sustainable, Green and Smart Building Partnerships
Indoor Air Quality Management
• Aura Air
Super Low Enegry (SLE) and HVAC Control
• Lumani
Smart Energy Measurement and Management
• Ampotech
Smart Water Monitoring and Management
• Watrix
Intrawave ESG partners with consultants, developers and facility management companies
• G Energy
Connectivity and Cybersecurity
Intrawave provides secure connectivity and access to IoT and Industry 4.0 players.
Our professional team will ensure that the network is optimised and safe.
Partners with existing infrastructure, private networks developers and renowned solution provides.


For any support and enquiries, please email us at enquiries@intrawave.com.sg.